Understanding Insurance Adjustments

Three Professionals That Can Help You With Your Insurance Claim

So, you need help with your insurance claim. If you are having trouble getting your claim through, there are three different professionals that can help you. However, each has its own limitations, and there may be some sticky situations with hiring this professional or that. Here are those three professionals, what they cost to hire them, and any complications or issues you might encounter with them.

The Insurance Adjuster

This is the claims adjuster that your insurance company provides to you for free. There is just one catch; the adjuster works for the company. Some customers view this as a conflict of interest, and if you are already having a lot of trouble trying to get your insurance claim approved, the insurance adjuster might not be very helpful. Still, this adjuster's services are free to you. 

The Public Adjuster

The public adjuster does not work for the insurance company. This alleviates any complications you may have with the insurance adjuster if the insurance adjuster is not much help at all. A public adjuster from a company like Skipton Claims Management is hired by you. He or she is entitled to a percentage of your settlement with the insurance company, but you should be aware of the fact that the public adjuster cannot get you more money than the maximum allowed under your policy. If you are content with what the public adjuster can get and do for you, then this is a very nice go-between professional to hire for your situation.

The Insurance Claims Lawyer

An insurance claims lawyer is often the last straw, not the first when you are trying to get a settlement. The lawyer will only help if you have tried, repeatedly, to get the insurance company to settle. You also have to have substantial evidence to show that you are entitled to the claims you have made. The costs to retain and hire an insurance lawyer vary, but they are significantly more expensive than hiring a public adjuster.

Still, if it comes down to hiring an insurance claims lawyer, you could get much more money than you expected. It may be worth the expense and the risk. However, this could also backfire, since not every case involving a lawyer wins. You are guaranteed a settlement with the public adjuster, who costs less and cannot get you more. You are not guaranteed more with the lawyer who costs more. The decision is up to you.