Understanding Insurance Adjustments

3 Things to Look for in the Best Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Flower Delivery Company

When you have vehicles that are a big part of your business operation, it is critical that you protect the vehicles with the proper level of insurance. Therefore, investing in commercial auto insurance for your flower delivery service is an absolute must. The vehicles you use every day to conduct your business need a little more protection than ordinary automobile policy supplies.

Insurance companies may vary on how much they can cover your commercial vehicles. Thus, you have to know how to track down the best insurance policy. Here is a look at some of the things to look for while shopping for commercial auto insurance to protect your flower-delivery vehicles. 

Look for a policy that covers the types of vehicles your flower delivery company uses. 

It's a good idea to check if your insurance company covers your type of vehicle. For example, some small-scale commercial insurance providers may not be able to cover something like a semi-truck. Naturally, you are going to need coverage for the types of vehicles you use, so make sure you find out what vehicles the insurer covers. Consider any vehicles you may add to your lineup in the future as well. For instance, you may be considering delivering flowers to grocery stores as your operation expands, so you may move from only running vans in transport to actually having a much larger vehicle like a box truck. 

Look for a policy that offers multi-vehicle discounts. 

Most flower delivery companies start out with only a few vehicles, but they often grow to own more than that. When you have multiple vehicles in your delivering fleet, it is really good if the auto insurance company you work with offers you a multi-car discount for commercial insurance policies. You can really rack up some savings with this discount over time so you can keep operational costs as low as possible. 

Look for a policy that has an unlimited travel radius for your business. 

Flower delivery is one of those services that can have your delivery vehicles far from your home office. The last thing you need is a commercial auto policy that only covers you within a limited travel radius. Likewise, it is best if you have coverage that does not put a cap on how many miles you can drive annually and still get coverage for the quoted price. Policies with these limitations will end up costing your company more money.