Understanding Insurance Adjustments

What's Covered When You Have Flood Insurance

Are you thinking of getting flood insurance but not sure if it will be worth it for you? If so, it helps to know what will be covered if you ever need to make a claim. The small cost of insurance can help save you from spending money on the following things after a flood.


There are many appliances in your home that can become damaged by floodwater. If your basement is affected, you'll likely need to replace a furnace, water heater, washer, and dryer. Floodwaters outside your house can damage your air conditioner's compressor. If the floodwaters are high enough, they can also affect your kitchen appliances. All of these can be replaced if you have flood insurance.


Electrical lines in your home that were submerged in water will likely need to be replaced after a flood. You can expect to have your electrical system repairs in order to get your home's power system back to how it was before. 


There will be a lot of costs associated with cleaning up the mess after a flood. Not only is there the expense of hauling away debris that was damaged by the floodwater, but there is also the expense of the labor to do it as well. 

Detached Garage

You'll have coverage for your home as well as for any detached structures on your property. You will have coverage for things like a detached garage that suffers significant damage from floodwaters. However, be aware that detached structures typically have a coverage limit that is based on a percentage of the value of your home.


Any carpeting that is soaked in water will need to be replaced. Hardwood flooring will be affected as well, since it could require replacement of the floorboards or refinishing of the wood surface. 

Personal Property

Expect to receive coverage for personal property that was damaged in a flood. This can include anything that was submerged in water and is damaged and no longer usable. You may have limits on some categories of items, such as artwork or jewelry. 

Temporary Living Expenses

If you need to be out of your home for the repairs to be done, you can expect to have your temporary living expenses covered. This includes living in a hotel or rental home temporarily and any additional personal property items you need immediately after the flood. You will be surprised how the little things all add up so fast when you are forced to leave your home due to flood damage.

For more information, reach out to a flood insurance company.