Understanding Insurance Adjustments

Should You Hire A Public Adjuster For A Second Opinion?

When something you own suffers damage, you hope your insurance will cover the costs to repair or replace whatever got damaged. That's how insurance works and why you have policies on your car and your home. And if you have a really good insurance agent, you're going to get very wise advice about handling the restoration process.

But your agent isn't the only representative of the insurance company that will look at your claim. There will be an adjuster from the company who evaluates the damage and gives the estimate, and there will be additional claim-processing personnel at the insurance company. It's at these points where your estimate can take a dive if these employees don't want to make the insurance company pay out a lot of money. It's sad but true: Sometimes the insurance company just does not want to pay. The solution for a lot of people is to hire a public adjuster, which is an adjuster who is on your side. However, is that the right path for you?

Double-Checking That Estimate

You don't have to choose between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster; you can have both looking at the damage. A public adjuster can double-check the estimate created by the insurance company. For example, say you have a problem at home and need to file a claim. You can hire a public adjuster to look over the damage and give an estimate, and then compare that to what the insurance company adjuster comes up with. You can also hire the public adjuster after the insurance company estimate is released to double-check the estimate and see if they agree. If the public adjuster does not agree with the company's adjuster, you'll need to decide if you want the public adjuster to contact the one from the company and negotiate a better amount.

What if You're Satisfied With the First Estimate?

If you're satisfied with the insurance company's estimate, and what you would end up paying is in line with what you expected based on your policy, you don't have to hire a public adjuster. You can if you want, however, as a second opinion just to be sure, and if you are nervous that the company adjuster might have missed something.

A Second Pair of Eyes on the Damage

That's right. Even a good insurance company adjuster who gives you an accurate estimate of the damage they saw is just estimating based on what they could see. Sometimes they miss damage; after all, they're human. Hiring a public adjuster lets you get another pair of eyes on that damage and the area around it. That adjuster might spot something the company adjuster missed.

A public adjuster from a place like Anthony Ricciardi Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster works for you and wants you to get the best reimbursement possible. Even if you think the regular adjuster's estimate was reasonable, you can benefit from having a public adjuster take a look at that damage, too.