Understanding Insurance Adjustments


Do You Need Additional Living Expense Coverage With Your Homeowner's Insurance?

One of the common types of coverages included with many homeowner's insurance plans is something called additional living expense coverage, or ALE. If your policy includes this, it may be important for you to understand what it is. If it does not include it, you may want to learn more about it to decide if you should add it to your home insurance policy or not. The pu

When You Need Gap Coverage And When You Do Not

Gap coverage is a form of car insurance that people often purchase when they have new cars or when they have car loans, but do you always need this coverage? There are definitely times when you should have it, but there are also times when you really do not need it. Here are some details about gap coverage that can help you decide when you need it and when you do not.

3 Things To Know When Getting Your First Auto Insurance Quote

Calling an insurance company for the first time in your life for an auto insurance quote might make you nervous. You might not know what questions they will ask or what types of insurance coverage to get, and you might feel weird asking questions, but it is a necessary step if you need to purchase an auto insurance policy. As you prepare to make this call, here are th

Overview Of Specialty Auto Insurance

Some cars are so special or unique that they deserve their own category of auto insurance policies. Such cars are typically covered under specialty auto insurance. Below is a brief overview of specialty auto insurance. The Need for Specialty Coverage Luxury cars require specialty coverage because they are expensive to replace or repair, they face unique risks, and th

What's Covered When You Have Flood Insurance

Are you thinking of getting flood insurance but not sure if it will be worth it for you? If so, it helps to know what will be covered if you ever need to make a claim. The small cost of insurance can help save you from spending money on the following things after a flood. Appliances  There are many appliances in your home that can become damaged by floodwater. If